Thursday, 8 November 2012

Enormous Expansion of Ground Handling Operations by Bhadra at Airports in India

Bhadra which as an authorized concessionaire of Airports Authority of India has already been providing Ground Handling Services to various airlines at the Airports at Chennai, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Calicut, Coimbatore, Trichy and Mangalore has during the last one month also commenced providing  their Ground handling services to the passenger flights of prestigious Oman Air at Chennai  and Calicut Airports.  This is in addition to the company having undertaken the responsibility for providing comprehensive Ground Handling Services to Dragon Air a subsidiary of the well-known Cathay Pacific Airlines at Kolkata Airport and Air Austral at Chennai Airport.
Bhadra International has in a short span of its  existence already  redefined the Ground handling Service Standards by using state of art Ground Support  equipment  that are operated by its  bona fide well trained experienced dedicated staff.   Senior officials of Dragon Air have gone on record expressing their total satisfaction for efficient handling of their flights, which commenced operations at Kolkata effective 3rd October, 2012.
The most satisfying experience endorsed by the Dragon Air and their travelling passengers regarding the quality of services rendered by Bhadra International since commencement of their operations is a matter of great professional achievement for the company. Bhadra is confident that this would be a precursor for the other esteemed Carriers operating at Kolkata Airport to review their present services available from existing service providers.
Generally, for any new Airline, it's a challenging task for their Station Managers in   establishing the infrastructure, systems and procedures for ensuring smooth handling of the flights as well as to keep an overview for developing the future market locally. It is observed that many new and current Airlines who are now availing services of Bhadra International are not only consolidating their operations but are also increasing  their operating frequency. The station managers now find themselves free to
concentrate on their specifies and implement their objectives as per their Marketing plans.
Bhadra International’s most professional approach, backed by state of art Ground Support Equipment operated by a well trained motivated team is indeed setting an example for others to follow.
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