Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bhadra International shows the way of ‘Going Green’ at Indian Airports

At a time when the Indian government is trying to introduce new policies to make India “Go Green”, Bhadra International shows how you can eliminate pollution even from the tarmacs of the Indian airports that are full of diesel fumes and also the fumes emitted by the aircraft.
Bhadra International, the world class Ground Handling company, has spent millions of dollars in importing the state of the art cargo handling equipment that is run by battery, eliminating any kind of pollution on the tarmac.

So with Bhadra’s latest imported battery operated Cargo handling equipment the workers at the airport hangars do not have to breathe in the poisonous fumes normally emitted by the old outdated equipment run by diesel.

The credit goes to one of the visionary entrepreneurs, Prem Bajaj of Delhi,

He formed Bhadra back in 2000 when he realised that as the Indian economy was liberalised and grew, demand for aviation would also mushroom and modern ground handling services using the latest equipment would be required. BIIL has since spent over $100 million to procure the latest ground handling equipment and providing facilities to ensure personnel are properly trained to use the latest machinery.

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