Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bhadra International’s Best Investment, its Well Trained, Dedicated Staff”

The staff at Bhadra International undergoes a thorough selection procedure before being hired, and then attends step-by-step training according to specific roles once on board. Regular personal appraisals and incentive pay plans ensure that dedicated and motivated workers produce their very best.
Take, for example, Bhadra’s approach to its safety management system. A dedicated officer oversees safety and undertakes internal audits every three months. In addition, external audits are done by airline customers every six months to grade performance levels. The results of these audits are then implemented at various levels of company operations.

Chairman Prem Bajaj says proudly, “This has resulted in maintaining high standards of safety and on-time performance at all seven airports in our network.”

Bajaj has also invested in technology with “bhadratech,” an online system that keeps better track of cargo and equipment, and makes administrative duties, such as human resources and billing, that much easier.
Bhadra is not behind any international Ground Handling Agency, when it comes to GSE investment either.  Bhadra’s GSE fleet includes new equipment such as Schopf pushbacks; Hitzinger gpus; Rheinemetal air starts; TLD conveyors and auto steps; Hydro towbars; Trepel cargo loaders and transporters; and Trepel tugs.

Just for example, the Bhadra International inventory at Chennai Airport includes:
  • Fifteen passenger coaches.
  • Fifteen pushbacks.
  • Twenty step ladders.
  • Fifteen conveyors.
  • Fifteen main deck loaders for wide-body aircraft, eight low deck loaders for narrow-body aircraft.
  • Forty-five tow bars.
  • Ten gpus.
  • Fifteen cargo transporters.
  • Seventy-five battery-operated tugs and tractors.

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